Clarice Zusky is a Los Angeles based architectural and interior designer and construction project manager. In her experience, the best designs result from excellent communication, thoughtful collaboration, loads of creativity and always a sense of fun. Clarice delights in the collaborative process and aims to engage with clients and builders in an open and honest dialog from start to finish. She believes that good design isn’t a luxury but an important component to enjoying everyday life. 

Clarice received her Masters of Architecture from the University of Virginia. She is an avid cook, novice gardener, crafting hobbyist and outdoor enthusiast. 


  • project evaluation
  • conception + schematic design
  • design development 
  • architectural drawings for permitting
  • 2D + 3D renderings
  • scope of work development
  • permitting
  • project bidding
  • construction management + quality control
  • vendor + project management
  • purchasing + procurement
  • interior + exterior design
  • furniture design + fabrication