Clarice Zusky is a Los Angeles-based architectural designer, interior designer and construction project manager. She designs residential space as well as commercial interiors. She is particularly interested in the adaptive reuse of existing spaces and in working with clients who wish to reimagine, reinvent, or renovate a space to transform it into something more functional and beautiful.  Clarice has experience ranging from design consultation  to the gut renovation and design of entire buildings.  She believes that good design is not a luxury but an important component to enjoying everyday life.  

Clarice has a Masters in Architecture from the University of Virginia. She is an avid cook and loves sharing meals with friends and family. Clarice is a novice gardener, a crafting hobbyist, and a master glamper. To view Clarice's resume, please click here

Please contact me at clarice.zusky@gmail.com or (m) 510.280.4686